Window Washing

The more windows you have, the more it matters when they are clean! When windows are cleaned right, they stay clean longer.

You might be surprised to find out that a good job lasts a long time. When done well, the windows have no dirt left on them for other new dirt to “drift” upon. Whatever is left behind and is barely visible will become more visible as time goes by and other dirt collects on top of it. People who clean their windows with Windex and paper towels, or something like that, simply create a paste and polish the windows with it. With this method, you can only be sure of picking up some of the dirt. Almost immediately, new dust and pollen find old dirt to bond with as it blows by. These jobs are hard work and don’t last as long as jobs cleaned with a good squeegee or Deionized water. Since a good job lasts so long, it really doesn’t matter when you get it done. A day’s rain is not going to replace what took a year to accumulate.

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