Roof Cleaning


What’s eating your roof? Those ugly black stains on your roof are actually an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. As a Gloeocapsa Magma Algae colony grows, older algae decompose, and will hold moisture, which enables the entire colony to grow even more rapidly. This algae eats away at the limestone used in modern shingles. This limestone is used in the bonding of the granules of your roof. These granules are the thing that protects your home from the weather. As the limestone is eaten away, the granules fall off your roof and into your gutter system. This loss of granules can take many years off the life of your roof. We take special care of your personal property through systems of  job site planning and preparation. All of our technicians are trained and certified in Plant and Property Protection.

The Average Cost Of A Roof Replacement Today Is Approx. $6,000 and up!!!!

The Cost To TREAT a Roof Is Just A Small Fraction Of This Cost.

We use a NON-PRESSURE TREATMENT process, to not only kill all of the organic growth on your roof, but to also maintain the integrity of your roofing. Our process is ARMA approved, and recomended. Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). NEVER let someone use a pressure washer to “clean” your roof. This process will compromise the integrity of your roofing material, and literally strip years off the life of your roof.

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